Who we are

MIR s.r.l. is an IT Research and Development company focusing on healthcare. It has been operating in Italy since 2005. The company, set up fairly recently, offers solutions based on RFID and WI-FI technology for hospitals and the healthcare sector. MIR’s board of directors is formed by high-profile managers and professionals, directly involved in the entrepreneurial development of businesses (both Italian and international) offering software and hi-tech services. MIR gathers enterprise management skills, in-depth knowledge of the healthcare sector and vast technological and project-devising expertise.

Its clients are large public hospitals and private healthcare structures. MIR offers “turnkey” projects focusing on the following applicative areas:

  • Traceability of people and items;
  • Security of healthcare procedures;
  • Process evaluation.

MIR develops, and has developed, customised solutions for its client hospitals.

Together with them, MIR searches for solutions for “constantly changing data”, such as:

  • People – patients, medical staff.
  • Clinical items – drugs, blood, biological samples.
  • Services – laundry, maintenance, rubbish collection, meals.

MIR creates technologically advanced systems for the tracking of healthcare processes in the hospitalisation structure and on the territory. Healthcare is one of the major items when it comes to a country’s national spending, and making processes efficient is an absolute must. MIR, with its solutions, tracks the healthcare processes without burdening the people’s operativeness.

By adopting MIR solutions, the healthcare structure gets to know its processes, thus:

  • better following its patients
  • better controlling the clinical risk
  • reducing assistance costs

MIR uses RFID technology for tracking in the healthcare sector. Its solutions are all WEB 2.0, allowing any authorised user to follow the processes, from any venue. Indeed, RFID technology introduces in these contexts the “Univocal Identification” concept, namely the certain tracking of data!

Our products are your solutions!

We have developed customised solutions for hospitals. We work with them to devise solutions for “constantly changing data”, such as: people (patients, medical staff), clinical items (drugs, blood, biological samples), services (laundry, maintenance, rubbish collection, meals).

Our projects have found solutions for several hospital contexts: wards, operating theatres, accident & emergency, always using RFID technology applied to the operational processes.

Indeed, RFID technology introduces in these contexts the “Univocal Identification” concept, namely the certain tracking of data!

Cutting-edge technology

Ever since the beginning, we decided to use RFID technology. Traceability is paramount to us and we implement this technology in healthcare processes.

Constantly on the cutting edge of technology, MIR – through commonly used devices, such as smartphones e tablets (Apple, Android, Windows) and through a network of technological tools, such as Tag RFID (passive, HF or UHF), WEB 2.0, 3G and Wi-Fi – has set up a range of “Tracker” solutions, now marketed with different modules, according to the “process area”.