European R&D Projects:


Development of a Novel Treatment for Clostridium Difficile (SME-2010 Research for the Benefit of SMEs – project underway): tracking of patients and biological samples for the treatment cycle based on NFC technology.

National R&D Projects:


System for the management of clinical risks during transfusions, based on RFID technology. Tracking of blood bags.  



MIR and R&D

MIR constantly carries out research and development activities with reference to traceability and mobile health, both on a national and international level, cooperating with important companies and research centres.

MIR develops, and has developed, customised solutions for hospitals. We work with them to devise solutions for “constantly changing data”, such as: people (patients, medical staff), clinical items (drugs, blood, biological samples), services (laundry, maintenance, rubbish collection, meals).

Indeed, RFID technology introduces in these contexts the “Univocal Identification” concept, namely the certain tracking of data!

Constantly on the cutting edge of technology, MIR – through commonly used devices, such as smartphones e tablets (Apple, Android, Windows) and through a network of technological tools, such as Tag RFID (passive, HF or UHF), WEB 2.0, 3G and Wi-Fi – has set up a range of “Tracker” solutions, now marketed with different modules, according to the “process area”.

MIR patents

Vestigium: “Techniques for the identification and traceability of blood bags during the transfusion” – the patent is shared with other partner enterprises involved in the research project.

"Technique for measuring, via radio frequency, the operation block timeframes”.

"Technique for the identification of mother/baby and drug monitoring based on the use of RFID devices”.