MIR’s Tracker line includes a range of solutions that can be customised to solve your specific problems. Today it features several modules, broken down into “process areas”.


This is the suite of solutions for processes linked to people, for the certain identification of patients, emergency traceability and the identification of hospital staff and other staff.


This is the specific module for tracking the patient to undergo surgery, from the Ward to the Operating Block, ensuring a reduction of errors such as mistaking the identity, the operating theatre and which side of the body is to be operated. Plus, it measures how long surgeries take and it tracks the biological samples to be analysed.


This module tracks the management of items. It features verticalisations for Electromedicals and their maintenance, but also for laboratory samples and general services (meals, maintenance, waste).


This is the module specifically devised for the oncologic patient, which – starting from the certain identification – manages the registration of therapeutic activities, hence the prescription of the pharmacological therapy, checking preparation work in the pharmacies, the safe administration of the prepared infusions.


(Vestigium) It manages the traceability of blood bags, from the donation to the transfusion. This system is integrated with the Transfusions Centre management system.